From ACTIONABLE perspectives, insights, and guidance
to PRACTICAL techniques/tools, practices/rituals, and habits
that are highly-IMPACTFUL in your everyday life and world.

Micro-workshops are 90-minute fast-paced, highly-interactive opportunities to share perspectives, explore insights, and discover guidance for making a high-impact on your group or organization using specific, immediately-actionable practices & techniques.

Every workshop includes:

  • A brief opening with context-setting
  • Experiential segments with content, concepts, breakouts, exercises, and debriefs
  • A summary closing with actionable next steps

December 9th, 2020
Micro-Workshop Event

Track 1
(Producer TBD)

Track 2
(Producer TBD)

Track 3
(Producer TBD)

Track 4
(Producer TBD)

Track 5
(Producer TBD)

Michele Wucker
Nigel Thurlow
Deborah Watring-Ellis
Jeremy Denisty
Tony Bendell
Bill Joiner and Debra Whitestone
Sara Robertson
David Cushman
Amanda Setili
Barry O'Reilly
Mariya Radysh
Graham Binks