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Photo by Sayaka Ganz on Unsplash

Si Alhir

Twenty-twenty culminated in a nexus of unprecedented human crises that challenged every aspect of business, technology, society, and humanity. The cataclysmic/seismic turbulence ultimately challenged our fundamental notion of “normality”, bringing us to the paradoxical edge, and ushered in a twenty-first century renaissance, welcoming us into the age of entanglement.

We can no longer embrace a traditional worldview founded on the orthodoxy of normality, at best, and abnormality, at worse, but must embrace an alternative worldview founded on the notion of the transnormal, transcending normality and abnormality.

We must re-conceptualize our concepts of order and disorder, change and disruption, randomness and uncertainty and risk, complexity thinking and systems thinking and regenerative thinking, future-proofing and future-readying and becoming future-fit, business and technology platforms, gray rhinos, black swans, wicked problems, and other such concepts across business, strategy, leadership, culture, technology, execution, transformation, and other disciplines.

Through this emerging worldview, every human enterprise is an ecosystem that must embody foresight, agility, sustainability, robustness, resilience, antifragility, and humanity to harness the paradoxical edge and flourish in the age of entanglement.

Join Si Alhir , a catalyst and alchemist, to explore how to cultivate an ecosystem enterprise that harnesses the paradoxical edge and flourishes in the age of entanglement.



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