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Mental Health Innovations Consulting

WeCARE Learning Campaign

The single largest pool of untapped resource in this world is human good intentions that never translate into action.”
– Cindy Gallop, English advertising consultant

WHAT: WeCARE is a simple, flexible and easy to deploy online learning campaign that can be delivered off the shelf or customized.

FOR WHOM: It is useful for all employees (and leaders) in all types of workplaces.


Peer Support Program Development, National Standard, Corporate Culture Alignment, Training and Workshops for Managers, Training and Workshops for Unions . . . more

Your path to a happier, healthier, more productive life begins here.
Happiness thought leader Dave Raymond spent two decades entertaining more than 60 million people as the original Phillie Phanatic. With “The Power of Fun,” he’s parlayed his experiences into a simple, life-altering process.

WHAT: Learn how you can develop long term sustainable happiness in your life.

FOR WHOM: Individuals or employees looking to develop resiliency, overcome challenges and enjoy the good life.

Vision – Launch – Navigation – Coaching


A Digital Vision Day is a one-day intensive experience to help CEOs like you own and progress your business vision, address questions, identify what’s holding you back, and create a company-wide action plan for technology to help achieve your goals.

I’m offering just six Digital Vision Days this year.


We meet 1-1 to discuss your vision, window of opportunity, and the significance of the work to your business. If we started this process with a Digital Vision Day, we can skip this step.

Then we pull together your team in a series of rapid-fire meetings to build a plan that checks off all the boxes above. Depending on how you can commit your resources, this can happen in one week, or over the cause of up to four weeks. We never take longer than a month.


We meet 1-1 to discuss your vision, window of opportunity, and your plan. If we started this process with a Digital Vision Day and completed a Rapid Launch, we can skip this step.

We then ensure that the components of a rapid launch are in place. Foremost among these is the milestones, risk assessment, and team cadence.

Together, we decide the best way I can help you navigate, typically a combination of:

  • Advising you as the Executive responsible for success.
  • Individual 1-1 guidance for your business and technical leaders.
  • Joining the Team in their steering cadence.

Then we Navigate.


When pushing boundaries, leaders face new challenges every day. I’m proud to have helped many business and technology leaders succeed beyond their prior experience by coaching them through the challenges of technology creation and adoption. My C-suite leaders and key leader clients have overcome common challenges.

In order to support leaders to achieve the highest level of performance, I have partnered with the Marshall Goldsmith Group and am a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach.

Marshall has been a pioneer Executive coach for over 40 years. Quite simply, he’s the best in the business. Over the course of hundreds of coaching engagements with successful leaders, Marshall developed the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching process to be objective, measurable and extremely time efficient.

What’s more, SCC also works for teams that are looking to achieve great things together.

I was so impressed by his simple method that I’ve adopted it in my own coaching practice to great effect. The process is:

  • Select 2 or 3 areas for improvement with the help of key stakeholders.
  • Engage the same stakeholders to assess progress on a regular basis, including intermittent Mini Surveys and After Action Reviews.
  • Take action to create results.

CEO Peer Group

Here is an opportunity for Catalyze the Future participants to “touch the magic” of a CEO peer group, without obligation or cost. Participate in a virtual session with other business leaders just like you.  You will not only get immediate value from the session, but you will begin to understand the long term “power of peers” in enhancing your business and your life as a leader.

CEO Roundtable is made up of peer advisory groups of 8 to 12 accomplished people just like you, from non-competing companies. Peer groups provide a forum for invigorating exchanges of information, ideas, and insights. And, because they are completely confidential, peer groups provide a secure environment for discussing sensitive issues or concerns you may be facing your business.  You can count on unbiased feedback, new perspectives, and the kind of accountability that will translate to better performance with less wasted time and effort.

Simply click the link, fill-out the form, and we’ll be in touch to schedule your session.

Richaven Architecture & Preservation

Richaven Architecture & Preservation is a community leader in rehabilitation, restoration, and preservation of our built environment, combining a savvy understanding of Owners issues and goals, a clear mastery of the contractor’s process and challenges, and deep technical proficiency in industry leading processes and treatments for historic buildings.  Richaven offers over 60 years’ experience in architecture, project management, and construction management, specializing in technical preservation issues and focused on future-proofing the built environment.  Growing out of detailed technical knowledge and regulatory experience in rehabilitating historic buildings, the basic premise of the firm’s work is to balance the need for respecting the historic character of our built environment by renewing, up-cycling, and future-proofing.

  • Over 160 projects completed
  • Sizes 232 to 946,000 square feet, totaling over 7.3 million square feet
  • Project costs from $1,000 to $250 million, totaling over $2.6 billion
  • 108 renovations of existing buildings
  • 44 designated or eligible landmarks
  • 26 phased projects
  • 64 occupied-facility projects
  • Over 20 personal and project awards
  • He is also a licensed drone pilot.

Zero Bullshit Management

WHAT WE DO: Management training and consulting

FOR WHOM: PMOs, Project Managers, Team Leaders

With hands-on experience from projects in various companies and industries (from startups to corporations, from engineering to marketing) we are a small, yet effective group of experts.

Most of us are not 100% in consulting – we still deal with managerial challenges on a daily basis. Hence the skepticism embedded into the ‚zero bs’ philosophy – we actually practice, test and verify what we preach. It works and our clients love it!

The Flow Consortium

Led by Nigel Thurlow, former Chief of Agile for Toyota and both creator of Scrum The Toyota Way and co-creator of The Flow System, the consortium provides access to a number of world thought leaders and industry experts focussed on helping organizations transform.

What We Offer:

  • Dedicated access to leading thought leaders across spectrums as diverse as complexity thinking, organizational design, team science, agile and lean.
  • Expert consulting focussed on people and teamwork, not on processes and frameworks.
  • Transformational guidance and insights from large scale initiatives led by the founders and partners.
  • Deep insights into how famous brands achieve their successes.
  • Executive Workshops and organizational training offerings.
  • Enterprise coaching and consulting.
  • And if you really want it, certified courses with pretty certificates.

What we don’t offer:

  • Agile BS
  • One size fits all solutions.
  • Guarantees of success.
  • Lots of 2 day courses with pretty certificates.