How to Become a Thriving Human

Mariya Radysh

Join our series of chats with Mariya to discover insights into how to thrive in the unpredictable and fast paced 2021 and beyond. Mariya will be sharing practical techniques and strategies that are easy to grasp and start implementing right away. We are going to discuss a diverse range of topics that are more important than ever, both today and tomorrow. From ‘how to get ready for your next snack attack’ to the secrets of becoming utmost resilient, confident and productive. Don’t miss our insightful and transformational conversations with Mariya to make 2021 your best year!

Mariya Radysh is an International Keynote Speaker and 2 time TEDx Speaker. She is a Thought Leader on Intentional Adaptability, Human Potential and How to Thrive as a Human Being in 2020s. Mariya always customises her talks and tailors her workshops to the needs of the audience. And while her research and content are on complex topics Mariya always delivers her insights in an easy to understand and conversational manner. Moreover, not only her presentations are inspirational but also, very importantly, transformational. You will walk away with all the answers you have been looking for and clarity on what to do next.


  • January 13: Becoming Resilient and Thriving in 2021
  • January 27: The 5 Cs to Being Successful with New Year’s Resolutions
  • February 10: What is the HEART of Success?
  • February 24: Getting Off the Anxiety Rollercoaster
  • March 10: The Truth about Time Management and How to be Most Productive
  • March 24: TBD
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