Catalyzing the Future 2021

From Leading to Transcending to Catalyzing for Impact

From ACTIONABLE perspectives, insights, and guidance
to PRACTICAL techniques/tools, practices/rituals, and habits
that are highly-IMPACTFUL in your everyday life and world.

To survive and thrive as a global community in transcending the crisis, we must be technology-enabled, business-focused, human-powered, and society-embracing.

Surviving and thriving demands catalyzing the future with foresight, agility, resilience, antifragility, and humanity.

Technology Enabled
Technology pervades every aspect of our lives. If it does not enable us, it disables us.

Business Focused
Business is the instrument through which we shape society. If we do not leverage it with intentionality, it will shape society by happenstance.

Human Powered
Humans “power” everything. Rather than engaging people as a “resource to exploit” or a “target market”, we must recognize that people are the source of all energy, and lifeblood of business and society.

Society Embracing
The only way to survive our present crisis and thrive in the future is to embrace everyone in our global community.