Gunther Sonnenfeld

Gunther Sonnenfeld is a new economy architect, creating & applying emerging models to real world outcomes. With over 25 years of diverse business and nonprofit experience, he has participated in groundbreaking social + ecological impact ventures that have garnered more than $2.5 billion in transactions.

A seven-times entrepreneur, Gunther is an inter disciplinarian who loves solving highly complex, wicked problems.

Our New Nature

This book provides a blueprint for a new economy. It is replete with concrete methodologies, innovative frameworks, emerging technologies, real world examples, and platforms in development to support this new economy.

This new economy is one in which natural evolutions between people, ideas and actions converge.

It focuses on what this author calls our new nature. The details of this will be laid out based on his own work across the environmental, technological and financial spaces, to include distinct social reform efforts.

The author’s primary intention is to align people around the goal of co-creating a resource-rich economic system that regenerates value in natural forms, across diverse contexts.

As important, it is his hope that despite all of the chaos, confusion and division we are experiencing in the present moment, there is in fact a new way forward that is not only achievable, but possible within a very realistic timeframe.