Si Alhir

Partnering with Individuals, Teams, and Enterprises in calibrating Business, Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Execution, and Technology to achieve Business Outcomes and Growth in a Turbulent (“transnormal”/”ab-normal”) world through transformation focused on advancing Ecosystems, Agility, Resilience, and Antifragility confronting Uncertainty, Risk, Change, Disruption, Crisis, and Complexity.

The Age of Ecosystems

How do we harness turbulence (work with the paradoxical) and flourish in the unexpected (the age of entanglement)? We’ll pragmatically explores the “what”, “why”, and “how” of ecosystems. Why ecosystems? What are ecosystems? How do we leverage ecosystem thinking and cultivate ecosystems and ecosystem enterprises (ecosystems of individuals and collectives within a broader ecosystem)? How do we work with uncertainty, risk, and complexity in times of extreme change, disruption, and crisis? How do we cultivate agility, resilience, and antifragility? The intent is “exploratory exposure”. It is grounded in pragmatism, involving practice-informed theory and theory-driven practice, and offers you insightful perspectives and actionable & practical no-nonsense guidance to achieve impactful outcomes.

Norbert Mittwollen

I am a visionary innovator with a broad engineering background. I like applying scientific foundations as well as new technologies in unconventional ways through teamwork to new business opportunities with the user in focus. This has often been through digitalization. I favor holistic approaches and am inspired by Steve Jobs:

“Technology alone is not enough — it’s technology married with liberal arts,
married with the humanities, that yields us the results that make our heart sing.”

With an anti-fragile mindset, I focus on identifying hard problems for finding novel solutions, which make a lasting difference. I develop and establish them in an agile and sustainable way. My networking, stakeholder management, strategic and negotiation skills as well as being pragmatic with enthusiasm for new challenges help me to move the right things forward with the right partners and inspired teams. I can easily learn from failures and other feedback to adapt to changing conditions.



Ralf Schneider


Antifragile Cybersecurity by Cybernetics